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Come prepared to be rocked by The Spirit as we study, fellowship, and worship the King together in a jam packed 3-day weekend event. Life transforming teachings and worship that will elevate your Spirit in oneness with our God on the Holy days that He prescribed for His children. Come in line with His days and experience the difference!

The Hebrew word sheva means seven, shavu’ah means week, and shavu’ot means weeks. Exactly seven weeks after the first harvest of barley is the celebration of Shavuot (“weeks”), one of the three pilgrimage holidays where Israel would come to the mishkan (and later the Temple) to present the firstfruits of their spring crops before the LORD. Since Shavuot occurs on the 50th day of the first fruits waving, the Greek translators of the Torah called this day “Pentecost.”

Come celebrate with us this feast of the ingathering, the harvest, wheat, the giving of the law and the giving of the Spirit! This will be a joyous time of praise and worship, teachings, workshops and fellowship with like minded believers!

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